Concussion Policy - What happens if I have a Concussion?

Concussion Policy - What happens if I have a Concussion?

When an incident report form is completed and it notes that an individual has had a suspected or confirmed concussion, a medical suspension of 1 (One) year will be applied to the Member's profile.
If you do have a concussion, you are not able to return to riding until you are cleared by a Medical Professional. 

To view the AusCycling Concussion Policy, please click here.

Return to Racing, Competition, Coaching & Official Duties
A suspected/confirmed concussed rider must obtain a medical clearance from a qualified medical doctor before returning to any cycling activities. It is the rider’s/ parent’s responsibility to ensure that the rider is medically cleared before returning to cycling activities. 
  1.  An AusCycling Incident Report must be sent to AusCycling by coach (training) or Commissaire (event) using the ‘Incident Report Form’ via email to
  2. AusCycling will record the concussion on the individuals members profile and they will be medically suspended from all activities until medical clearance is received.
  3. Once clearance is received it is to be emailed to
  4. Upon receipt of the medical clearance, AusCycling will remove the suspended members medical list.
  5. The individual will be permitted to return to all activities. 

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